design of lifestyle     

'our passion is to create architecture, interiors, broadly defined design, graphic and art, it has become our lifestyle

sustainability, zero-waste, refresh, renew, redesign, make our world better and more unconventional, this is our way of thinking'

What is exactly does 'naperere' mean ?

'naperere is our individual neologism which describes our design lifstyle concept, so in other words our way of thinking

naperere (verb): taken from the Polish language two words combined: (pol.) 'naprawiać' - (eng.) 'repair' & (pol.) 'reperować' - old fashioned Polish word, taken from (fr.) 'les réparations' which had a strong historical meanning, about refreshing, reconstructing, rebuilding ect.

Our idea is to repair all what exists. To renew, redesign, upcycle the living space, architecture or furnitures and smaller stuff like graphics or even gallantry and jewelry. 

Thinking about the name of our brand we connected this 2 words into one and we added our knowledge, expression and initiative.

Designing from scratch is quite simple, and we of course love that, but...

redesigning  and repairing what already exists is always a challenge and also a big pleasure.

We love challenges!



simple unique eco design

inspired by nature and sushi culture

with different patterns

cozy relaxing pillow cloud

multifunctional personalized pillow

to feel like "in heaven"

wireless moody lamp

illuminating the darkness

with the character from the sketches

fot. Sławek Zieliński

who we are?

Hello, we are naperere - Klara and Mateusz, who created this lifestyle concept, which is about creating projects through architectural design, interior design, product design, graphic design and sharing this knowledge. We’d loved to try to solve any space    &   design problems you have to make your life easier and better. We’re always thinking about creating individual and unconventional results. Welcome to a unique collaboration!

fot. Sławek Zieliński

Klara Róża Kondracka

In 2015 I graduated from the Architecture & Urban Planning faculty in the University of Arts in Poznań, Poland. Since childhood architecture and design has been my big passion. Solving design problems reminds me of solving logical puzzles which I always enjoy. In my projects I am focused on sustainable and eco-friendly ways of thinking.

My profession enables me to develop personally on many different levels. I am also a big fashion lover. I tried my strength in different creative types of work: from architectural design and construction, through visual merchandising, to creating my own design brand. The last part is the most difficult, but I really like challenges.

Mateusz Łajewski

I studied Architecture and Urban Planning in Gdańsk University of Technology. When I was a child my mother once asked me "who do You want to be in future" - I said "I want to be someone who creates stuff", then she concluded "So You want to be an architect" and since that day I knew my way.  

I am passionate for construction, so the design which I am creating has bases in precise analyzed and technical observation. It's mandatory for me to not only make things look good but working properly. I'm passionate for repairing things connected to zero-waste materials, recreating and giving new, often better life to everything that is in need, from unused lamps, to broken furniture and  wasted buildings or spaces.

fot. Sławek Zieliński


  • interior design
  • buildings inventory (metering, drawings, model 3D)
  • homestyling
  • homestaging


  • full graphic identifications
  • buisness cards
  • graphic CV editing
  • digital graphics
  • drawing and paintings to order


  • furniture renovation
  • handcraft to order
  • different workshops


phone number:
 PL +48 724 705 195
SWE +46 737 567 550


NIP: PL 499 049 78 74