We love the game between light and shadow, that's why we love to design lamps, very often unique to each space we are designing.


handmade /// natural materials /// unique design /// mood light /// shadows

Perfect fusion of sushi with light. 

Real bamboo mat included.

To make it stable and more sushi rice is used in base. 

Want to check it? You can shake it.



handmade /// mood light /// unique shape /// upcycle /// natural materials

fot. Łukasz Unterschuetz/

This is not only a lamp, this is ptok - one of a kind and a breaker of darkness.

The shape is taken from a drawing dedicated to kids,

but not too childish for adults.


wireless ptok

handmade /// mood light /// unique shape /// upcycle /// natural materials

Who like cables everywhere? Probably no one

This is portable lamp, which you can always have with you.

Only electricity you need is 2xAA batteries.



handmade /// mood light /// shadow game /// natural materials

fot. Łukasz Unterschuetz/

Chandelier made from stuff found at home.

Some unused wooden desks, piece of sailing rope and few bamboo sticks.



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